As you begin the new year working on healthier habits and creating a LIFESTYLE OF HEALTH AND FITNESS, remember to MAKE time to stretch first thing in the morning. Daily morning stretching not only helps literally wake up the body to help feel refreshed and energized for the day, but stretching in the morning helps set the tone for a healthier day. Stretching throughout the day - mid morning, lunch breaks, after work/school and post and pre-workout also helps enhance our range of motion, provides mental and emotional clarity, reduces injury and post-exercise muscle soreness.

Try this test - can you touch your toes when in standing position and in the "Sit And Reach Position? If not, your largest muscle and joint groups - your hips and hamstrings which move you through life - are tight, inflexible and need serious stretching attention!

Flexibility and regular stretching is a key component of overall health and fitness. Stretch Your Body, Stretch Your Mind - Just 2 Minutes Can Make a Big Difference!