Keep calm walk

This week, make time (schedule it to make it happen!) for one leisurely, relaxing walk in a calm, quiet outdoors environment.

As part of creating a LIFESTYLE of Health, Fitness and Overall Wellness, walking is an important daily activity, a great form of exercise and more than just a means of getting from one location to another. Walking is a way of life!

Walking can serve as a metaphor for your life journey, as a time to meditate, pray, count your blessings and just FEEL your body move with each step. Walking is a great way to unwind, de-stress, let stuff go, reconnect to YOURSELF and just BE.

 So, try this Healthy Lifestyle Tip - unplug & get outdoors for a leisurely walk in a calm, quiet atmosphere, with the intention of walking away from any negative energy and junk holding you back from living your best life and walking towards your  hopes, dreams, goals and  aspirations.

One Leisurely Step At A Time, One Bite At A Time, One Healthy Choice At A Time & One Day At A Time.