"Thoughts are slow and deep and golden in the morning." - John Steinbeck

In last week's Weekly Wellness Bites, as part of "Springing Forward" into a meditation practice, I shared a 2 minute mediation on how to be awakened by your breath, also known as mindful breathing, or connecting to awareness of breath. 

As promised, I'll be sharing over the next few weeks a new, fun & different way you can bring more mindful moments and meditation into your daily life in just 2 minutes a day. For this week's meditation practice, as you continue to build upon connecting to and being aware of your breath, here is another way to experiment with mindful breathing and meditation - A Rise & Shine Meditation.

Getting up a few minutes earlier may not sound relaxing but if you make the effort to do so, you'll be pleasantly surprised on how revived and refreshed you'll feel throughout the day, as well as how much more aware, mindful and at peace (less stressed!) you can be. Plus, the research and data shows that people who rise early AND meditate are higher performers, healthier, and more balanced.

Prepare the night before to get up a few minutes earlier than you normally would, anywhere from just 10 to 20 minutes earlier. As soon as you rise in the morning, prepare to shine! Sit in a comfortable position by a window or where you can see out a window. To get the full effect, plan to rise early enough to experience the sunrise.

Here's How To Do It:
As you begin to connect with your breath, think about the sun rising, as your chest and lungs rise up and expand with each inhale breath. Visualize the colors of the morning sky, the beauty of the early morning light and the smell of the fresh, crisp air as you mindfully embrace the beginning of a new day. As you inhale, breathe in that shining light as you bring in the lightness, beauty and joy for your day ahead. Perhaps brining in your intention for the day to help you be more mindful vs. mindless as you move through your day. As you exhale, let go of any expectations, judgements or negative thoughts that may come to mind.

Repeat this visual breathing pattern for 10 breath cycles (about 2 minutes). Notice how you feel when you're done. As you move through your day, refer back to this feeling of calm and take a few more mindful breaths to regroup when needed.

Try this Rise  & Shine Meditation at least 2-3 times this week. If you journal, note how you feel on the days you rise earlier to start your day with meditation vs how you feel when you don't.

If you're still not sure if it's worth trying or how meditation can help you, (to create more calm, peace, happiness, improved relationships & health and less stress, anxiety, depression, illness & relationship issues) hopefully one of the 5 reasons I've previously shared along with this new morning ritual to rise & shine inspires you to be curious enough to explore taking 2 minutes to chill out, relax and regroup (also known as meditation!). And thus, help you live your best, healthiest, happiest, most inspired life. 

One Mindful Breath, One Early Rise & Shine Meditation, 2 Minutes A Day,   "One Bite At A Time."
With Love and Light, Susan