March Madness Challenge1

March Madness Health & Fitness Progression Challenge

Leap Up Into A Clean, Lean 2016!

"One Bite At A Time, One Healthy Choice & One Day At A Time"

Daily Healthy Habits Checklist To Create A Lifestyle of Health & Wellness

First Things First, Because You Can't Out-Exercise A Poor Diet and Other Lifestyle Habits!

Drink a Glass of Water Upon Waking and Refill Water Bottle Throughout Day (aim for 2 additional bottles before lunch, 2 before dinner and one after dinner) *Add Lemon Slices For Additional Health Benefits

Set Your Intention For Your Day & Give Thanks - 2 Minute Meditation, Prayer or Unplugged Quiet Time

Eat Breakfast & Add Protein (Aim to Eat Within 2 Hours of Waking)

Step Away From Added Sugars, Soda, Processed & Fast Food

Eat A Vegetable At Lunch AND Dinner (the brighter the color, the better - Greens & Reds)

Get Up From Chair/Desk Once An Hour To Walk Around And/Or Stretch

Pack Lunch & Healthy Fuelin' Snacks For The Next Day (or pack a couple days worth at a time)

Be Mindful of Posture & Take Time To Stretch - in the morning, throughout the day, before & after exercise, at the end of your day.

Keep Alcohol Consumption at No More Than 2 Drinks Per Outing & Alternate w/Water

Keep Portions in Check & Take Time To Chew & Savor Each Bite. Be Mindful of Eating until 80% Full vs. Completely Full or Stuffed

Remember The 80/20 Approach to A Healthy, Balanced Lifestyle and Embrace The Process

*March Madness Fitness Progressio Challenge: Perform Each Bodyweight (or add weight) Daily Exercise As Indicated for either 60, 45 or 30 Sec Each. Modify Exercises Accordingly (Or, Perform as *Tabatas - 20 Sec. Ea. Exercise at 100% Effort/High Intensity, 10 Seconds Rest in Between Ea. Exercise, 2x = 4 Min.

Track Your Number of Reps Performed 1st Day as Baseline to Measure Strength & Conditioning

Progression/Improved Fitness on March 31st!

Mondays: Toe Squats, Lunge Hops or Dips, Wall Sit, Skaters

Tuesdays:  Push Ups, Superman Pull-Back, Triceps Dips, Reverse Plank

Wednesdays: Plank Twists, Spider Planks, Plank Jacks, Forearm Plank Sliders

Thursdays: Squat Jump Backs, Hand-Release Push Ups, Full Sit Ups, Bridge/Glute Lifts

Fridays: Walking Planks, Sit Up Side Taps, Crab Kicks, Side Plank Taps,

Saturdays: Tabata Madness: Burpees, Full Sit Ups, Mountain Climbers, Squat Jacks

Sundays:  Menu Plan, Grocery Shop & Prep Food For Week. Stretch, Meditate and Take time to reflect on What/Who you are Grateful for. Set Your Intention For The Week & Practice Healthy Habits, Love and Gratitude.

*Try a New Recipe Each Week -