Brussels & Berries

Brussels & Berries

Savory & Sweet - one of my favorite flavor combinations! I threw this together via a little "Refrigerator Roundup", what I refer to when we "roundup" whatever fresh ingredients is in the fridge and needs to be eaten before it perishes, along with other foods and spices that I like and think that it may be tasty together. (See Vegan Hash I posted 2 days ago using the same bag of chopped Brussels sprouts, so 2 great meals in 1 bag!)

This can be is a hearty "hot salad" or a main entrée, or can be a side dish. Packed with nutrients and a yummy blend of savory greens with sweet berries and golden raisins, spiced just right.



Couple Handfuls (or 2 Cups for 1-2 Servings) Chopped Brussels Sprouts - I used bagged pre-chopped & shredded.

Handful Organic Blueberries (if not buying organic, rinse and lightly pat dry)

Handful Organic Strawberries

Handful Baby Carrots, chopped into bite size pieces

Few slivers of sliced Avocado

Handful Golden Raisins

Handful Raw Pumpkin Seeds

Spices - Pepper, Turmeric & Cinnamon (or use your favorite spices)

Nutritional Yeast

EVOO - few drizzles

Quick & Easy Directions: Add EVOO to medium pan and heat on medium. Once oil is heated, add Brussels Sprouts and season with spices. Cook on medium heat for 3-5 minutes until softened (not soggy unless you like it that way). In a bowl, combine berries, raisins, seeds and carrots. Add cooked Brussels and avocado and top with Nutritional Yeast.

Cheers to quick, easy, delicious, healthy cooking!