I started working out with Susan in January of 2013.  Up until then, I had tried many diets, exercises, programs, books, diet pills, etc. with no success.  I had just turned 50 and was eager to make it stick, so working out with such a good friend, in a “safe” environment made a lot of sense.  I also thought I would be able to help her launch her business and be kind of her “experiment subject” as she got certified and put into practice everything she has so devotedly learned in the past few months.  It turns out she has helped me a lot more than I even expected!

As I started seeing positive results I decided to increase our sessions to 2 per week.  I was feeling better, leaner, stronger, more flexible and energized.  Susan made very session different, fun, challenging and at the same time attainable!   Working out with her has not only helped me physically but also psychologically, it has worked wonders in reducing my stress levels.  For the first time in years I committed to a 5K Walk/Run and completed it!  I convinced my husband to try the Spring Cleaning Eating Challenge and started seeing the pounds melt away.  I have become a better eater, following her 80/20 rule (eat well 80 percent of the time so you can indulge the other 20 percent) without guilt.

Susan also recommended a Chiropractor and a Pilate’s instructor who have been extremely helpful in conditioning my back.  I would say my overall wellbeing has improved dramatically by engaging intentionally in making all these changes.  I have lost 20 pounds, gone down 2 dress sizes and accomplished goals I did not think were possible, like the July Fitness Challenge of 250 squats and 3 minutes 30 seconds plank!  Now my husband is working out with her as well and enjoying all the benefits I’ve described.

I would recommend Susan without reservation; she will inspire, support and help you become the best version of yourself!